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Trading System Performance for ANET

Appeared in Fisher Transform Cross Up screen on 2022-11-17

Shares Outstanding304.93M
Shares Float234.13M
Institutional Ownership67.50%
Short Float1.71%

Fails-To-Deliver Data
Data from SEC
Fails Data Availability:
The first half of a given month is available at the end of the month.
The second half of a given month is available at about the 15th of the next month.

2022-11-07 131.07 573
2022-11-03 125.04 3324
2022-11-01 120.86 5255
2022-10-28 119.13 999
2022-10-26 112.63 2
2022-10-25 110.74 720
2022-10-12 107.05 687
2022-10-07 121.90 9739
2022-09-26 109.97 1489
2022-09-22 113.82 7352
2022-09-21 114.07 9508
2022-09-20 114.94 4988
2022-09-16 116.94 1974
2022-09-13 124.75 1
2022-09-09 122.78 268
2022-09-08 120.27 14
2022-09-07 117.55 3989
2022-09-01 119.88 11
2022-08-30 121.58 98
2022-08-24 126.96 3819

Short Interest

Recent Headlines

10:24:00AM ET 11/7/2022
12:51:00PM ET 11/4/2022
10:49:00AM ET 11/4/2022
10:26:00AM ET 11/4/2022
8:31:00AM ET 11/3/2022
5:20:00PM ET 11/1/2022
12:45:00PM ET 11/1/2022
10:50:00AM ET 11/1/2022
10:43:00AM ET 11/1/2022
10:32:00AM ET 11/1/2022

Analyst Actions for ANET

2022-11-21Rosenblatt Securities
Buy$160.00 → $175
2022-11-07Credit Suisse Group
Neutral$119.00 → $140
2022-11-07Morgan Stanley
Equal Weight$115.00 → $130
Equal Weight$170.00 → $190
2022-11-04Needham & Company LLC
Buy$140.00 → $155
2022-11-04Piper Sandler
Neutral → Overweight$126.00 → $164
2022-11-04UBS Group
Neutral → Overweight $135
2022-11-03Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft
Neutral → Overweight$135.00 → $140
2022-11-01Bank of America
Underperform → Buy$105.00 → $150
Overweight$131.00 → $143
Outperform$163.00 → $203
2022-11-01Credit Suisse Group
Neutral$110.00 → $119
Overweight$170.00 → $161
2022-11-01Rosenblatt Securities
Buy$155.00 → $160
2022-10-25Credit Suisse Group
Outperform → Neutral$185.00 → $110
2022-10-18Piper Sandler
Neutral$125.00 → $126
2022-10-11Morgan Stanley
Equal Weight$125.00 → $115
Equal Weight → Overweight $131
2022-08-24Deutsche Bank Aktiengesellschaft
Hold $135
Equal Weight$138.00 → $131

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Updated: 2022-12-01
Notes: We provide important market data in real time every market day. The data are organized by relevance with fails to deliver appearing at the top followed by short interest, short volume, our proprietary short squeeze score, short sale transactions, company headlines, analyst actions, company financial data, and lastly short borrow availability, fee and rebate rates to borrow shares. Short interest is updated twice per month per FINRA. The borrow rate (fee rate to borrow shares) and rebate rate are updated every 15 minutes each market day.

Our data come from many places. We have provided this information in one convenient place from exchanges such as NYSE, NASDAQ, and CBOE. Furthermore, the short interest we provide is not sourced solely from one place. Borrow rates are subject to the supply and demand of a company's shortable stock and its overall short interest.

The short interest information we provide is reliable. Its dissemination is regulated by various government agencies. Firms are required to report short interest data to FINRA for each security twice per month.

Dark pool trades are also included in short interest data once a trade is comsummated.

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Our short squeeze score is a sophisticated measure of the likelihood any given stock will experience a short squeeze compared to its peers. Short interest, short shares availability, fee and rebate rates are all part of the calculation. Our track record is good as several of our highly rated short squeeze stocks have, in fact, gone on to big gains. A short squeeze is an exceedingly rare event, however, and there is no guarantee that any of the stocks highly ranked on our list will ever experience a short squeeze.

We also offer a technical analysis stock screener to help you find stocks that meet certain technical criteria. There's a comprehensive options section, which offers intraday alerts for notable options trading activity, outsized options volume, high implied volatility and more. A comprehensive institutional holdings section provides information gleaned from quarterly SEC filings for large investors and firms. Investor sentiment, Commitment of Traders data, earnings release information, economic release information (earnings and economic calendars), and futures quotes and charts round out the information available. Much of this information is free with an anonymous account. The full data package (essentially everything on the site minus the Daily Trading Signals trading system) is available for a one-week trial for $2.95, which then renews monthly for only $9.95. Due diligence does not have to be expensive.

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A companion section to the Daily Trading Signals is a section called Daily Trading Ideas. This section is included with the $9.95 basic plan along with all of the data mentioned above. Our system monitors many thousands of stocks every day and generates lots of buy signals. We guarantee you will get 10 trading ideas per week with your membership. We try to choose stocks with a proven record of performance on our system. There's no guarantee, of course, that any trade will be a good one, but with consistency and good risk management we think you will be happy with the results.

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